Gerbrand Osinga

HYS & Co. Advocaten:
Attorney at law (Partner)
Specialist areas:
Tenancy law, Purchase/Sale, Rights in Rem, Credit Management, Hotel and Catering Industry
Dutch Law (RUG), Tenancy Law Specialist (VHA), Real Estate Specialist (Grotius), Real Estate and Investment Studies (ASRE)
Specialist association:

Gerbrand has a creative and dynamic mind and looks for solutions with a pragmatic approach.

After completing his law studies, he ended up at Heineken as a company lawyer in 1991. A short time later, he made the switch to legal practice, firstly in the Dutch Antilles and then in the Netherlands. He specialised in real estate, became a tenancy law specialist and is a trustee with a housing corporation. Until recently, he was the editorial secretary of the publication “Tijdschrift voor Huurrecht Bedrijfsruimte”. With all this experience, Gerbrand can rightly call himself a seasoned lawyer; a driven individual, who – if necessary – is on hand for his clients 24/7.

“I am a lawyer specialising in civil law with a broad interest in real estate in general and tenancy law and purchase/sale in particular. In a wide range of advisory processes and legal proceedings, I assist many parties in areas of tenancy law, purchase/sale, rights in rem, credit management and the hotel and catering industry.”

Gerbrand is married and has 3 children. In his free time, he plays golf and runs with the Bostijgers.

In the jurisdictions register of the Netherlands Bar Association, Gerbrand has entered the following principal and sub fields of law:

  • Real estate law
  • Tenancy law (industrial and residential)

On account of this registration, every year he is obliged to attain ten training points in each registered principal field of law in accordance with the standards of the Netherlands Bar Association.

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