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advise businesses and organisations
litigate in independent cases
provide support on an interim or project basis

HYS is made up of a team of highly experienced and broad-based lawyers with a background in business, government, housing corporations and the legal profession.

What makes us special?

We are lawyers but we are also corporate lawyers. Top quality legal professionals. We work based on an in-depth knowledge of real estate. Legal thinking and practical application go hand in hand for us. We always have both feet firmly on the ground. And you can tell because our advice is not only well-considered but also easy to implement and provides added value for your assignment.

HYS does the work

At HYS & Co. Advocaten, often any advice is not the end. We can also actually implement and carry out our ideas and recommendations within your organisation. From the design of a debt collection process for rent arrears through setting up check lists.

Our services are scalable

In the services we provide, your needs and developments are key. Scaling up where necessary, for example, using a tax specialist or civil-law notary but also paring back to provide a trimmed-down approach via the flexibility of the external corporate lawyer. Service and commitment are assured.

Modern rates, adapted to your requirements

HYS & Co. Advocaten operates various rate structures. We avoid unnecessary costs and, therefore, offer very reasonable hourly rates. We also use various other forms of pricing such as fixed fee, success fees, bonus/malus, etc. Plus, we continue to take care of office expenses. Want to know more about our rates?

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