HYS in business

HYS & Co. Advocaten enables improved operation of your organisation and takes care of the work for you. HYS is also regularly “flexible deployed”. See below how we can assist you:

Corporate law advice

Especially as your business grows, you will want to spread risks. Our advice minimises your risks. We help you when setting up entities and provide advice on such things as board decisions, board appointments, inter-company relations, mutual guarantees and sureties, group liability and compliance issues.

Mergers and takeovers

HYS & Co. Advocaten has overseen many acquisition processes. From operating companies to investment portfolios, with and without financing or funding, personnel, special permits and contracts. Whether you are the vendor or purchaser, we provide support at every stage of a takeover:

  • Prior to and/or during a takeover, we advise you on the risks, opportunities and the best structure.
  • Throughout the entire process, we relieve the burden for you and your organisation as far as possible by ensuring that the necessary documents are submitted and implemented promptly, efficiently and correctly.
  • After a takeover, with the knowledge gained, we ensure that the integration (or winding up) of the business unit runs smoothly and unnecessary risks are avoided.
Flexible deployment

HYS & Co Advocaten is regularly flexible deployed in companies and organisations. See us as your ‘permanent’ corporate lawyer who knows the organisation and business well but is not on the payroll. We work both on a project basis and also as per a fixed price arrangement.

We also work for fellow law firms who require a temporary replacement or reinforcement. This can be done in the name of the law firm concerned but also under our own banner. If you want to find out more about this, please contact Ronald Hogewind.

Legal structure

The partners at HYS have all worked – in a variety of roles – in legal departments in commercial companies, government or housing corporations. We are pleased to share this experience with you, for example, by helping to think about the usefulness and necessity of the legal function within your organisation. And here are some of the ways we exercise this function:

  • Internal training or upskilling of existing personnel, via workshops or seminars
  • Interim management
  • Establishing a full-scale legal department. We have all the tools at our disposal which you can use directly within your organisation. For instance, risk management systems, corporate housekeeping, standardised legal (template) documents, governance monitoring, etc.